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Thinking of Your Succession?

Need an Independent Valuation of Your Practice?

Proctor Partnerships offers a comprehensive advice service to accountants thinking of retiring and who want to ensure they have a succession plan in place well in advance.

Selling one's practice can take a number of years with the selling accountant expected to remain involved for a significant amount of time post sale. Understanding the selling process and starting to plan early will maximise the value of your practice and make the whole process much simpler.

In addition, accountants may know of a buyer for their practice but want a professional expert to guide them through the structuring and negotiations of a deal.

We have over 20 years of supporting accountants in valuing and selling their practices and can offer unlimited consultations over a fixed period of time or just provide you with a one off discussion.

Proctor Partnerships also offer independent valuations to practices who are changing their ownership structure or are selling shares internally.

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